The rice market is ripe for optimization.

Farmland is experiencing increased stress. The main perpetrators are factors like global demand, urbanization, and climate change.

Smallholder rice farmers cannot sustain themselves. Mostly untrained they produce crops of low quality, resulting in poor yield and inability to sell their crops.

  • 1. Overuse of Chemicals
  • 2. High Failure Rate
  • 3. No Digital Records
  • 4. Inefficient Sourcing

Collaborative and data-driven

Looking to tackle existing problems, we at Sero focus on analyzing data and support farmers to improve the farming process, in effect increasing crop yield and quality. With digitized and production transparency, corporate buyers and government officials get direct insight into crop quality at hyper-local accuracy.

Farmers are empowered to collect and make sense of their crop data

Buyers can view local farmer data and know product quality

Local government officials can improve their area by looking at macro insights

How we do it


These cripple rice health and have a significant impact on overall output. Catching issues early is key to management and preventing spread.


Our team of leading agricultural experts are crucial to determining the correct treatment so that fertilizer and pesticide use can be limited to where they’re needed. Accurately, instantly, every time.


Arm generations of localized rice farming tradition with optimized growing methods and scheduling, right into farmers’ hands. Process improvements save on fertilizers, pesticides, water and energy requirements.

Digital record-keeping

Buyers can verify that quality rice has been grown with the Sero stamp of approval. Extensive records track a variety of measurables (like growth stage, scheduling, NPK use, and weather conditions) allowing farmers to plan better and know what’s worked best.


Reduced operational costs, growing best-practises and access to current market price feed the farmers’ bottom lines and contribute for overall improved livelihoods. Buyers enjoy consistently higher quality product that they can take to market.


Results will only continue to improve over time. As farmers continue to use Sero and we expand operations, we will feed this valuable data directly into the model, increasing the variety of insights that stakeholders can use to improve their businesses.

Sero Rice

  • Sero Rice app connects the farmers to the cloud
  • Tracking your plant's health regularly
  • Detect pests diseases instantly using mobile photos
  • Get information on weather conditions in your region
  • Remote quality and risk management in your hands

Sero Scout Drone

We develop a proprietary UAV-imagery-based crop health monitoring system, with rice specific deep knowledge to scout for additional insights.

  • Malnutrition, Pest and Disease scouting
  • Bush counting, yield estimation
  • Vegetative index, NDVI analysis
  • Soil property, moisture, erosion
  • Water management

Our farming network

Currently focused on rice in Vietnam

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