Data Collection

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Track the Costs and Usage of Key Resources

Chemical usage. Log your pesticide, herbicide, fungicide and insecticide usage, their state, and their concentration.

Water usage. Keep account of water usage through every phase of the farming process.

Seeds & fertilizers. Know exactly where and how much of each are used. Compare their results over time.

Diseases & Pests

Photographic records. With the click of a button, farmers can send photographs to their managers and our data storehouse for disease processing and record keeping.

Expert network. Let us do the hard work. Leverage our in-house team of crop scientists to help quickly diagnose crop diseases.

Solution recommendations. By combining our Expert Network and Computer Vision technology, we are able to help your team find treatment recommendations for your fields and farm.

Weather Data

Local weather forecasts. Stay up-to-date on local weather conditions and forecasts. Zoom into hourly, daily or weekly conditions to plan field work, and retroactively view historical weather data.

Rainfall. Track and anticipate future rainfall levels to better estimate soil saturation and plan your own water usage.

Humidity. Use humidity data to plan mitigation strategies against bacterial and fungal growth.

Field Data

GPS & altitude. Automatic GPS and altitude tagging with every data input ensures accurate analytics live on your dashboard.

Man-hours. Ensure you’re maximizing the effectiveness of your available manpower, down to each individual farmer.

Yield quality & productivity. Measure your farmland productivity against impactful variables so that you can continuously improve your yield.

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