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Farm Management

Farmer management. Easily manage your field staff, and view their activity from a centralized dashboard.

Field management. Track all of the inputs and outputs that contribute to farmland productivity.

Season management. Log your projected growing seasons, crops, tasks and log progress as the seasons are underway.

Crop Health

Disease maps. View how disease and pests are impacting your farmland. Heat maps indicate their spread.

Chemical maps and usages. Check where your farmers are using the most chemicals, and how effective it is against diseases and pests.

Comparative data. See at-a-glance how your fields compare against each other, and what farming methods are working best.


Yield reports. View summaries of farm output productivity, and specific field yields.

Global standard alignment. Sero helps you align your rice output quality with international import standards to maximize your potential earnings.

Staff reports. Check on your staff performance and feedback, limiting your required field time.

Operational cost reports. Sero also allows you to view summaries of operational spending, split into various inputs such as seeds, chemicals, water, and labour.

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